Home Services

The 5 non-medical categories

1. Patient Advocate

An advocate’s foremost job is to counsel properly, and we all know that counseling is 90% active listening while only 10% speaking, that too after proper understanding of what and why something is being said or done.

So, counseling with patience is the most important need for an elder care. Counseling includes psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual – all mind and soul related software discussion within the senior's own home. Tangible help like gifting family pics or collage of old friends also helps as the seniors tend to dwell rather more on the past.

2. Home upkeep and support

Cooking, housekeeping, nursing, Aaya, physiotherapy, indoor exercise and other mobility e.g. chair, bed, railings, stairs etc and maintaining other physical hardware resources within the elder's own home is the next human need.

3. Transportation

Supply of ration, Kirana, medicine, gas, electricity bills, payments, technicians, plumber, Mistri etc from outside, also, travel on roads e.g. driver, accompany.

4. OOH Maintenance

Out of Home but within the boundary walls of home and colony e.g. gardening, outdoor exercise, outdoor hobbies and interests – Limited to self mind, body and soul within the known circle or acquaintance.

5. Social

cultural and religious Interactions with the larger society and bigger unknown gatherings e.g. companionship during tour outside town, city, state or country etc.

The startup provide point # 1, 4 and 5 free of charge onsite and or remotely with the help of thousands of social workers globally, while point 2 and 3 are as per actual.