Home Methodology

The Methodology deploys seemingly simple looking but thoroughly rigorous instruments and methods as depicted below:

1. What

Counseling with patience


PhD (Psychology) with 15-20 years relevant exposure facilitate this one-on-one. As the need grows these PhD in turn train competent social workers until they pass Diploma Certificate Examination in Senior Care, both theory and practical's.

2. What

Home upkeep and support


self-owned 100 seater India training Head Quarter of is leverage to train 1,000s of social workers on cooking, housekeeping, nursing, Aaya, physiotherapy, indoor exercise and other mobility e.g. chair, bed, railings, stairs etc and maintaining other physical resources. Trauma and other medical, legal and property etc related issues are referred to the next best doctors, attorney and professional agents specializing in senior citizens related cases.

3. What



thoroughly trained team of young, energetic and dignified courier, driver, electrician, plumber, technician and Mistri etc are always available 24x7 for any emergency or supply of medicine, ration, Kirana, gas, electricity, bills and payments etc.

4. What

OOH Maintenance

How catapults the local talent into social service that helps seniors even learning a new hobby with interest. At the same time, these local talents feel real achievement, and thus develop rounded personality when they marry or grow little older.

5. What

Social, cultural and religious Interactions


When the above social workers develop enough companionship with the seniors then they even accompany them while tours and holidays in Metros and also overseas.